About the project

The Biomasud Plus project is developing integrated solutions for the promotion of a sustainable market for solid biofuels in the Mediterranean, intended for the heating of the residential sector. By developing and disseminating the BIOmasud certification system of quality and sustainability to important and widely used Mediterranean biofuels, the existing obstacles are assessed and solutions identified with emphasis on the sustainability and quality control system are developed, they develop tools and databases with information on sources of sustainable biomass in order to develop a global vision and identifying the supply chain for sustainable solid biofuels. Currently, Biomasud certification is applied in Spain, France and Portugal, and thanks to the BIOMASUD Plus project, it will be implemented in Italy, Greece, Slovenia, Croatia, and Turkey.

Our task as a Project Coordinator for Croatia is to make an assessment of the current market for solid biofuels, to collect biofuel samples for analysis (grapevines and olives, olives, hazelnuts), introduce BIOmasud quality and sustainability certification and promote the use of Mediterranean biofuels in Croatia.

Expected results:

  • we will implement BIOmasud certification in the Croatian market
  • we will expand the BIORAISE information system for Mediterranean solid biofuels

Project duration 2016-2018

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