Mission of ZEZ is to assist citizens in the development, investment and use of renewable energy sources. We develop concrete and sustainable solutions that promote the development of local communities.


scope of work and services


Community Energy

We help citizens to participate in planning, decision-making and investments in locally available energy sources.


Energy Sustainable Communities

We believe that every community can produce energy from locally available sources and thus be less depend on imported oil and gas, be energy-independent.


Energy Cooperatives

We are developing and supporting the work of energy cooperatives and local energy initiatives in Croatia and the region of the Western Balkans.


Cooperation between the power companies and the local community

We believe that state-owned electric power companies do not have to be completely untouchable and without contact with citizens, except when paying a monthly electricity bill.


Energy Poverty

Every fifth citizen of Croatia lives at risk of poverty, and at least every fourth household has problems paying monthly bills for electricity and heating.


Blockchain in Energy

Our experts actively explore and apply blockchain technology in the energy sector. We are looking into using it for the purpose of democratizing the electricity market, developing micro-networks, ie, small distribution systems (microgrids) and P2P (peer-to-peer) systems etc.


Alternative Finance

Crowdfunding is one form of alternative financing with which we have many years of experience.


Biofuels Market Development

We introduce and promote a certification system of quality and biofuel sustainability.


SCCALE 20-30-50



our network

ZEZ is a member and participates in the work of the REScoop.eu management board, the European Federation of Energy Cooperatives, which gathers over 1250 members and millions of EU citizens. We coordinate the work of the technical group for the involvement of citizens in the development of renewable energy sources in the Energy Community, which connects EU member states with neighbors with the aim of creating a unique pan-European market.

Since 2019, we have become part of the newly established EIT Climate-KIC Hub for Croatia. EIT Climate-KIC Hub is part of the Regional Innovation Scheme (EIT RIS) of the European Institute of Innovation and Technology. The EIT Climate-KIC RIS Hub Croatia is a consortium of eight organizations that are different in structure and mandate, but complementary in their missions and activities.
In addition, we are proud carriers and partners of three Horizon 2020 projects in Croatia; COMPILE, REGREEN and AgroBioHeat through which we network with numerous organizations across Europe.