About the project

The rural electrification project was implemented by the United Nations Development Program in Croatia (UNDP) in cooperation with the Fund for Environmental Protection and Energy Efficiency, and the units of local and regional self-government.

Within the project, a register of non-electric households in Croatia was created, and the priority households are equipped with autonomous solar systems. Priority beneficiaries of the project are households that permanently or for a greater part of the year stay in rural areas of Croatia away from the electricity network. 46 priority households were identified, which were equipped with autonomous solar systems, which were shown as 13 times more favorable way of electrification compared to the classical network renewal. Solar systems allow households to use electricity sufficient to carry out everyday household activities (lighting of rooms, use of household appliances, use of TV and radio, etc.) and allows the development of small family businesses in underdeveloped parts of Croatia. The customer-supplied package includes a photovoltaic system (PV1000, PV1500 or PV3000) with batteries, an auxiliary unit, LED bulbs and an energy efficient refrigerator. Priority users of the systems have been provided for permanent use and free of charge.

Equipment costs were co-financed mostly by the Fund for Environmental Protection and Energy Efficiency (EEAS) (80%), counties (10%) and UNDP (10%). The cost of preparing and implementing the project itself is ensured by UNDP funds. The Green Energy Cooperative Society conducts a Program for monitoring and basic maintenance of solar systems, which ensures the sustainability of the project. The program includes activities related to the remote control of solar systems and alerting and correcting possible failures.

The results

  • a register of households without access to the power grid has been established – an electronic register has been created in which all solar system users are connected and connected to the remote system for system operation monitoring
  • 46 households are equipped with autonomous solar systems
  • strengthening the capacities of local and regional self-government units – local and regional self-government units were actively involved in the implementation of the project, which is important for further system management
  • strengthening the Development of Solar Equipment Industry in Croatia – Almost all components of autonomous solar systems are produced in Croatia

Duration of the project: 2015-2016

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