Engagement of electricity consumers through the development of a new user-oriented ecosystem in a multi-market scenario

ReDREAM, the latest European initiative from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 Research and Innovation Programme, will revolutionize the way we use renewable energy and radically rethink the power system to put consumers at the center of the energy transition.

The goal of the REDREAM project is to enable greater consumer engagement (within the residential, industrial, and tertiary sectors) in the energy market, through an open platform that allows direct communication between different actors. Addressing this challenge requires the use of advanced IT tools and services, to successfully respond to demand and improve the predictability of consumption patterns and consumer behavior.

The emphasis is on energy efficiency, locally produced energy and flexibility of people. The new ecosystem will be designed for optimal management of energy resources and more active involvement of people in the energy transition. If people use lighting, ventilation, heating, cooling, and electromobility flexibly, then greater energy efficiency will occur. Consumer benefits include lower bills, better comfort, and modern aesthetic technology in the home.

The key factors will be the involvement of different groups of consumers and producers at 4 DEMO sites in Europe (Spain, Italy, England, and Croatia), as well as the support and engagement of the local community and local government representatives. In Croatia, the DEMO location will be the City of Varaždin.

Changes in consumer behavior will be monitored and encouraged through the use of smart devices, i.e. smart meter devices for household appliances, and controllers for heat or cooling in industrial plants. These devices will be provided by the Green Energy Cooperative for citizens-owners of small solar power plants and organizations that will participate in research as part of the project.

Key project activities:

Networking and user interaction through an open platform
Strengthening the local community through the involvement of people in the energy transition
Reducing energy bills by installing smart devices
Increasing energy efficiency and environmental protection
Citizens get a major role in the energy transition by changing user behavior

The project started on October 1, 2020 and will last for the next three years. The project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 Research and Innovation Programme under the Grant Agreement no. 957837.

Universidad Pontificia Comillas (project coordinator)

Other partners:
Green Energy Cooperatives (ZEZ), Stemy Energy, Time Lex, Energetica S Coop (ECOOP), Soulsight Design Strategy, Civiesco Srl,  Associazione Bio-Distretto Della Via Amerina e Delle Forre (BIO), Rimond Srl, Bath & West Community Energy Limited (BWCE), National Technical University of Athens (NTUA), Communaute D’universites et Etablissements Universite Bourgogne – Franche – Comte (UBFC), Omi – Polo Espanol Sa (OMIE), European Science Communication Institute (ESCI) and Olivoenergy Consulting Sl (olivoENERGY).

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