At the beginning of the year, we became part of an important project for the future of environmental engineers. The project “Acquisition of key skills in the field of environmental engineering” aims to develop keywords of practical skills through the development, training and proven professional practice in the undergraduate and graduate study program Environmental Engineering (IO) at GFV. We want to facilitate the employment of students through the development of partner institutions with institutions that will apply the acquired theoretical knowledge in practice, establish Career Development Centers, strengthen social cohesion and increase the number of students in the STEM field.

The aim of the project is to improve and implement professional practice in the study of Environmental Engineering. One of the key aspects of the project will be the acquisition of knowledge and competencies about innovative solutions that balance the socio-economic needs and requirements of a healthy environment and nature. The result of the project is a developed institutional system of professional practice with the corresponding online system of planning and monitoring its quality. It is expected to strengthen cooperation with employers as well as increase the output competencies of students. This will have a positive impact on the implementation of environmental protection policies in the Republic of Croatia and the EU in the long run.

Total value of the project: HRK 3,974,834.79. The project is funded by the EU in one hundred percent.
Proven project period: 09.03.2020. – 09.03.2023.
Project holder: Faculty of Geotechnics, University of Zagreb, Varaždin (GFV)
Project partners: Green Energy Cooperative, Zagreb (ZEZ), Croatian Society of Geotechnical Engineers (HDIG), Polytechnic of Velika Gorica (VVG), Institute for Development and International Relations, Zagreb (IRMO), Association of Diplomats of the Faculty of Geotechnics, University of Zagreb (AMAC-GFV )

Contact person for additional information: Lucija Nađ

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