About the project

The Crowdfunding Academy is an informal educational program on the preparation and implementation of a crowdfunding campaign designed for social entrepreneurship initiatives. Through the academy, the local community and potential investors are promoted and access to financial capital, sustainable development, and visibility. The academy encourages innovation, entrepreneurship, and building and strengthening the crowdfunding ecosystem.

Our members are the founders of the academy, together with the social enterprise Brodoto. To date, we have organized 8 Crowdfunding Academy in Croatia and in the region, educated over 100 teams, 20 of which launched and successfully completed the crowdfunding campaign and collected a total of over HRK 7 million.

The results:

  • we increase the number of successfully funded projects in Croatia through group financing campaigns (crowdfunding)
  • we are linking related alternative financing initiatives for the purpose of developing an alternative financing network in Croatia and beyond
  • we established Crowdfunding Academy as a training program recognizable for the expertise and realization of concrete educational results
  • we support socially responsible and useful projects

Project Duration – From 2014

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