To help elderly citizens at risk of energy poverty in the City of Zagreb and Zagreb County, the Green Energy Cooperative (ZEZ) and the Solidarna Foundation launched the Ease Their Troubles campaign at the end of October to collect funds for energy saving. The campaign aimed to collect HRK 60,000.00 for the purchase of at least 100 energy-saving kits. During the campaign, from 26th October until the 1st of December 2022, we collected HRK 64,713.47. Raised funds provided energy-saving kits for 111 households!

From all our hearts we want to thank all the individuals, companies, and organizations that helped achieve this goal, either by donating or sharing information about the Ease their Troubles campaign. We believe that your support will give long-term value to all users of energy-saving kits. ?

During the campaign, a total of 189 donations were made, of which 178 were by individuals and 11 by legal entities. The lowest individual donation was HRK 5.00, while the highest was HRK 10,395.00. The average donation amount was HRK 342.39.

All donors, individuals, and organizations, have passed the assessment process according to the Rulebook on Relations with Donors and the Rulebook on Conflict-of-Interest Management.

Next steps

Green Energy Cooperative (ZEZ) and the Solidarna Foundation will start the process of collective procurement of energy-saving kits in December 2022. Green Energy Cooperative will also evaluate applications for users and publish a list of households that will exercise the right to energy-saving kits and free energy consulting.

If you know a potential user of the energy-saving kits, contact us for more information about the conditions and registration at 01 2095 552.

We do not have to stop at 111 households ?

Since we surely and undoubtedly know that there are many more than 111 people at risk of energy poverty in the City of Zagreb and the Zagreb County area, as well as beyond, we are open to increasing the amounts of donations to ensure help for more people. All companies and organizations interested in further support of this initiative can contact us at

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