It’s time to bring even more local governments, citizens and SMEs to the energy community movement!

With a focus on community and solar energy efficiency, we launched the LIFE LOOP project to connect local authorities and citizens. We want to enable them to participate on equal terms and embed energy justice. It’s time to make them the true drivers of our society.

Through the joint development of projects and new partnerships, we want to reach energy goals of local and European communities. By establishing energy communities and through mutual cooperation, citizens will have the opportunity to participate in the energy transition of their neighborhood in order to encourage local authorities to work according to their local energy and climate plans.

LIFE LOOP is a place to get information, build skills and make connections combining energy and gender justice in Croatia, Greece, Romania, Cyprus, Bulgaria and Italy.

The role of Green Energy Cooperative in the LIFE LOOP project is to ensure the successful implementation of new energy projects in the communities of the pilot areas. They will be based on the resources developed during the capacity building process and through stakeholder mapping.

We believe that cities and citizens are perfect allies. That is why we are part of #LifeLoopEU where we will develop community energy projects.

The project will last three years. We will initiate changes in three pilot areas: in the city of Zagreb in Croatia, Crete in Greece, Bistrita in Romania, and then in the replication locations, that is, Sardinia in Italy, Gabrovo in Bulgaria, Tulcea in Romania and Cyprus.

LIFE LOOP is launched by a group of professional organizations:

Community energy cooperatives: Green energy cooperative, Electra Energy, Cooperativa de Energie, Minoan Energy Community, ènostra cooperative.

European partners: Network of European cities Energy Cities and European federation of citizen energy cooperatives

Regional and local authorities: City of Zagreb (Croatia), Regional energy agency REGEA and City of Bistrita (Romania).

LIFE LOOP is funded by the European Union’s Environment and Climate Action Program (LIFE), Clean Energy Transition (LIFE-2021-CET).

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