The Green Energy Cooperative and Partners organize a set of topics on Good Energy on the island of Vis from 2 to 5 May.

Good energy encompasses new economic models and practices that support the quality of life throughout the community through the ownership and use of renewable energy sources, and are based on the principles of justice, democracy and care for people and the environment, and the meeting on Vis is intended for anyone who develops renewable energy sources seen as an opportunity for the development of local communities and the creation of a positive change in society.

More than 80 domestic and European experts, researchers, practitioners, decision-makers, social entrepreneurs, innovators, activists and enthusiasts dealing with civil energy, developing energy-sustaining communities and energy poverty from different backgrounds will take part in the event, and who all share the same goal: to bring about a positive change in society. Among them are  Dirk Vansitijan  – President of the European Federation of Energy Cooperatives ( ) and the founder of the largest Belgian energy cooperative  Eco Power  with more than 50,000 members, the advocate of energy democracy,  Claire Roumet  – Director of the European  Energy Association Cities Cities, headquartered in France, which gathers over 1,000 cities in the European Union and helps local authorities in the energy transition,  Paul Phare  – an expert and practitioner working in the English Energy  Efficiency Energy4all , with over 15 years of work experience in civil energy projects, helped develop 5 energy cooperatives in Scotland, including  Lanakshire,  which has raised more than 3 million pounds for the wind farm project,  Mark Graham  – a representative of  Robin Hood Energy , a non-profit non-profit organization in the city of Nottingham that deals with electricity supply and takes care of socially vulnerable households,  Anne Schiffer – lecturer at the University of Leeds, with years of experience on projects of civic energy through work in organizations such as  Friends of the Earth  ( Friends of the Earth ), author of the publication  Energy citizens  ( Power to the people ),  Marlene Potthoff  – representative of  Caritas,  coordinator and initiator Energy Advisor Program for Combating Energy Poverty in Germany, which operates at more than 150 cities …

Over the course of three and a half days, more than 30 lectures and panel discussions will be held, exchanging experiences and inspiring other people who have dared to approach the various environmental, climate, social and political challenges in an innovative way. There will be talk of a variety of models of good energy and the possibility of adjusting them in our frameworks.

Panel discussions and lectures will cover topics such as models of participation and ownership of citizens and local communities over renewable sources of energy, development and operation of energy cooperatives in Croatia and the Western Balkan region, development of energy-sustaining communities on the example of cities, islands and rural areas, use of new ones technologies such as blockchain and their impact on society, energy management as a public good and models for combating energy poverty.

Also, more than 10 successful projects will be presented at the conference, and will award prizes for the best projects of good energy among cities, municipalities and energy cooperatives.

The main organizer of the event is the  Green Energy Cooperative . Partners and supporters are numerous local and international organizations such as the Association of Cities in Croatia,  Energy Cities , the European Federation of Energy Cooperatives ( ), the Institute of Political Ecology, the Geotechnical Faculty and  Greenpeace . The event is organized within the framework of the project ” Good Energy in Social Entrepreneurship ” implemented by the ZEZ in cooperation with the Craft School, co-financed with the funds of the European Social Fund.

Participation is free of charge, and interested parties can contact us at .

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