Leading European experts in renewable energy, solidarity economy, climate change, and energy cooperatives are coming in Zagreb

International Conference of Good Energy and Economy: transforming communities through collaboration between energy cooperatives and local authorities is organized from 30th May till 1st June in the City of Zagreb in collaboration with Green Energy Cooperative (ZEZ) and Green Network of Activist Groups (ZMAG) and their European partner’s network. Within the three-day conference, the 6th General Assembly of the European Federation of renewable energy cooperatives – REScoop.eu is organized.

At the conference 20 leading energy cooperatives from all over Europe will be present, as well as 10 representatives from the EU cities and the Western Balkan region, over hundred local and European experts, researchers, practitioners, decision-makers, social entrepreneurs, innovators, activist and enthusiast involved in civic energy, social and solidarity economy, food-based sovereignty, the development of energy-efficient communities, and energy-based models of different backgrounds, all of which share the same goal – to bring about positive social changes.

Numerous guests come from REScoop network – a European federation of renewable energy cooperatives that has over 1,500 members and from European network of solidarity economies – RIPESS that brings together over 40 organizations from across Europe who are involved in developing the economy for good purposes alike to employees, local communities, the environment, ecosystems and future generations.

The focus of this year’s conference is new economy models and practices from 10 EU member states that show ways of how energy cooperatives and other citizens initiatives cooperate with local authorities to realize RES projects and the benefits that it brings.

Participation for all three days is free of charge, registration is required and registration can be done via the link:  http://tiny.cc/pmz85y

With Dirk Vansintjan, a REScoops president and founder of the biggest energy cooperative in Belgium, Eco Power, representatives of the following networks, energy cooperatives and investment platforms are expected: Energy4All, Enercoop, Ecopower, Middelgrunden, Som Energie, De Windvogel.


Some of the topics we highlight from the rich program are.

  • Energy Remunicipalisation – the restoration of public goods under the umbrella of local authorities
  • Creating a favorable legislative environment for energy cooperatives
  • Covenant of Mayors for Climate and Energy promotion
  • Creating energy independent communities and cities
  • Successful cooperation of local authorities with EU and Western Balkan energy cooperatives

The final program you can find here. The conclusions from the conference you can find here.

In the Tuškanac Cinema and the Croatian Chamber of Trades and Crafts we will learn about energy cooperatives and citizens engagement in the local policies, best practices of democratization in the field of energy from the European cities and the region, social and solidarity economics as a business foundation for responsible and sustainable society, common and public goods in the field of energy, housing, food and other important areas, workers’ cooperatives and the right to a dignified and fairly valued work, and to young farmers and farmers in Croatia as the highest value for the future.


Participation for all three days is free of charge, registration is required, and registration can be done via the link: http://tiny.cc/pmz85y. Registration for the conference is mandatory.

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