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During the Ease Their Troubles campaign, from 26th October until the 1st of December 2022, we collected 8,588 EUR from almost 200 individuals, companies, and organizations. This provided funds for 111 energy-saving kits!

From all our hearts we want to thank all the individuals, companies, and organizations that helped achieve this goal, either by donating or sharing information about the Ease their Troubles campaign. We believe that your support will give long-term value to all users of energy-saving kits.

During the campaign, a total of 189 donations were made, of which 178 were by individuals and 11 by legal entities. The lowest individual donation was 0.66 EUR, while the highest was 1,379.60 EUR. The average donation amount was 45.44 EUR.

Next steps

Green Energy Cooperative (ZEZ) and the Solidarna Foundation will start the process of collective procurement of energy-saving kits in December 2022. Green Energy Cooperative will also evaluate applications for users and publish a list of households that will exercise the right to energy-saving kits and free energy consulting.

We do not have to stop at 111 households

Since we know that there are many more than 111 people at risk of energy poverty in the City of Zagreb and the Zagreb County area, as well as beyond, we are open to increasing the amounts of donations to ensure help for more people. All companies and organizations interested in further support of this initiative can contact us at paula.damaska@zez.coop.

Support the Procurement of Energy Efficiency Kits for the Elderly

We all imagine old age as carefree and peaceful where our only concern will be looking after our grandchildren. However, for many elderly people in Croatia, that is a luxury. Following the rise in energy prices, we believe that the elderly who have minimum incomes and live in energy-inefficient homes will feel this winter strongly – on their skin, as well as on their wallets.

Green Energy Cooperative and Solidarna Foundation invite you to support the provision of energy efficiency kits for 100 elderly people in Croatia through the fundraising campaign Ease their Troubles.

Support by paying through the dedicated account of the Solidarna Foundation or by scanning the barcode.

IBAN: HR2424020061500078406
Cause: DONATION – Ease their Troubles
Model: 00
Ref. number: 12-2022
Bank name: Erste

The Most Vulnerable are Affected by Crises the Hardest

While the energy crisis worries every Croatian household, it will affect the most vulnerable ones the most. In Croatia, over half a million people have arrears on utility bills, and it is expected that this number will further increase during the upcoming winter due to the rise in energy prices. It is likely that the most vulnerable households will have to choose between paying energy bills and other living expenses, or that they will use less energy to lower their costs, which will affect their health, quality of life, and comfort of living.

Many of these citizens also have to live in energy-inefficient homes. Due to poor insulation, inappropriate heating systems or installations, the buildings they live in lose energy unnecessarily, forcing the householders to consume more energy to compensate for what is lost. The result are higher costs with a lower feeling of comfort. If energy costs rise to more than 10% of their income, their household can be defined as energy poor.

In Croatia, people over the age of 65, especially women, are among the most at-risk groups for material and energy poverty. Every senior’s life should be energy-safe, in which they can heat all their rooms or watch their favorite TV show without the fear of not having enough money for meals. With this campaign, we want to ensure the elderly have less to care about this winter through small savings on water, electricity and other energy resources necessary for everyday life.

One-time Donation, Long-term Savings

Through the Ease their Troubles campaign, we are collecting EUR 7,700 for 100 energy efficiency kits for the elderly in Croatia.

The cost of a single energy efficiency kit is EUR 70 and it contains:

  • 6 LED bulbs
  • 1 x door brush 
  • 2 x window seal (12 m)
  • Radiator reflective foil (6 m)
  • 1 x  extension cable with a switch
  • 2 x water saving aerators

Using the energy efficiency kit, one household can annually save up to 1,300 kwh of heat energy and up to 370 kwh of electric energy, or up to 200 EUR.

Support by paying through the dedicated account of the Solidarna Foundation or by scanning the barcode.

IBAN: HR2424020061500078406
Cause: DONATION – Ease their Troubles
Model: 00
Ref. number: 12-2022
Bank name: Erste

In case of collecting more than 7,700 EUR, we will purchase kits for an additional number of households. 

Distribution of the Energy Efficiency Kits

We will select the recipients of the energy efficiency kits by one of the following criteria:

  • The person is recipient of the national benefit for the elderly
  • The person is recipient of the compensation for the vulnerable buyer of energy products
  • The person is recipient of the guaranteed minimum compensation
  • The person is recipient of a pension in the amount of up to 400 EUR per month

Additionally, the person must be 65 or older and have permanent residence in the City of Zagreb or Zagrebačka County.

Recipients of the energy efficiency kits, if they meet the requirements, will be selected based on the order of application. The number of recipients depends of the number of funds collected by the end of the campaign. The campaign will be closed with the end of September 2023.

Recipients will have to send the documentation that confirms their status as a recipient according to one of the above-mentioned criteria and agree to the collection and processing of personal data.

The Green Energy Cooperative will use anonymized personal data exclusively for research and implementation of this campaign.

The purpose of the collection of personal data by the partner, the Solidarna Foundation, is to provide financial and professional support through the fund Ease their Troubles. The legal basis for the collection of personal data is the conclusion of an agreement on the allocation of financial and professional support to selected users. The personal data of all registered candidates will be kept in a secure place.

Only applications received after publication and in accordance with the instructions of this public call will be considered.

The manager of data processing is the Green Energy Cooperative, Bukovačka 110, 10 000 Zagreb, Croatia, OIB: 13278092880.

The Green Energy Cooperative will distribute energy efficiency kits in two phases: between January and April 2023, and between October and November 2023. The kits will be the same for all recipients, except for a few kits that will be adjusted depending on the specific situation and way of energy consumption, i.e. household needs. 

Energy shouldn’t have to Worry the Elderly

For households-recipients of the energy efficiency kits, the Green Energy Cooperative will also provide free consulting for more efficient energy-use and additional energy savings. The energy advisors of the Green Energy Cooperative will personally visit each household, advise its members on the proper use of the allocated kits, and give additional tips for saving energy in their homes.

About us

“Ease their Troubles” campaign is a part of the Community Energy for Energy Solidarity project that the Green Energy Cooperative is implementing with nine other European partners. The project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation program under the grant agreement No. 101026972.

Green Energy Cooperative (ZEZ) is one of the leading organizations in the field of community energy in Croatia – energy owned and enjoyed by citizens and local communities. In our work we help citizens and local governance units invest in renewable energy sources, especially solar energy. We created the first renewable energy projects open for community investments in Croatia. Through our service On the Sunny Side, we provide daily support to citizens from all over Croatia in investing in solar PV power plants for self-consumption. We have extensive experience informing and advising citizens about renewable energy sources and energy efficiency. Our members and employees have established one of the first educational programs for energy advisors in Croatia through the work of the UNDP in Croatia. Our activities are non-profit, and our work is dedicated to ensuring that all Croatian citizens have access to clean and affordable energy.

SOLIDARNA Foundation was founded in 2015 with the purpose of creating new opportunities for all citizens to act in solidarity, in a joint effort to protect human rights and meet basic human needs, as well as reduce inequality and expand freedoms in all social spheres. In the first six years of its public activity, as part of fundraising campaigns, Solidarna collected donations from over 30,000 citizens and private companies, and invested in the welfare of citizens and communities throughout Croatia. SOLIDARNA directly supports local community activism, cultural creativity, social innovation, citizens in crisis and marginalized social groups through public campaigns, advocacy and donation programs, and is a leading organization in the transparent management of funds received through donations in Croatia.

Partners of the “Ease their Troubles” campaign

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