About the project

With this project we plan to install integrated 50 kW power photovoltaic power plants on the roof of the administrative building of the Krizevac Entrepreneurship Center (KPC), which will primarily cover the needs of the users of the center for electricity, and the surpluses will be delivered to the network at the purchase price agreed with the supplier, measurements.

The Green Energy Cooperative, as the buyer and owner of the FN power plant equipment, and a representative of the cooperatives and citizens-investors, will provide solar equipment to the Križevac Entrepreneurship Center, which owns the building. This project intends to attract small investors who would otherwise be paying money in the form of savings. All investors will conclude a loan agreement with the Cooperative, through which they will realize a certain annual interest on borrowed funds.

The result

Within this initiative we will, in cooperation with the City of Križevci and KPC, for the first time in Croatia to implement the RES project through co-financing and group financing by citizen-investor (crowdinvesting).

Project duration: 2017 – 2018

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