Crowdfunding in solar power projects, as was successfully implemented in the City of Križevci, should be replicated in other cities in Croatia and in the region – conclusion of half-day conference which was organised with partners from City Associations, Greenpeace, City of Križevci, European Association of local authorities Energy Cities, Climate Kic Hub for Croatia, with a support programme Start Something Yourself (“Pokreni nešto svoje”) and project called Local Development Resistant to Climate Change that is being carried out in Serbia.

The conference brought together over 20 representatives of cities from Croatia and the region, just where the first photovoltaic plant was implemented and recently installed, funded by citizens – on the building of the Technology Park in Križevci!

We spiced up the event with a group visit to the power plant itself, and how it looked like, see photos in the Flicker gallery.

Through the welcoming speech and panel discussion, also joined the Director of the Environmental Protection and Energy Efficiency Fund of Croatia, who has concluded that the Fund itself can learn a lot from this example in preparing its public calls for encouraging renewable energy for local government.

It was also announced the launching of our new online platform ZEZ invest, which will enable fast and effective process of crowdfunding into renewable energy projects in the cities.

City of Križevci are now the only one in Croatia which have had carried out crowdfunding project in renewable energy sources using micro-loans business model. There’s an increase of interest into renewable energy sources using crowdfunding and surely we can expect rise of RES and EE projects in Croatia and the region.

Currently ZEZ is collaborating with several cities and municipalities in Croatia to support the European Cities Network Energy Cities in the implementing of the Mayor Agreement, while in Bosnia and Herzegovina we are implementing Accelerator Programme for Development of Civil Energy Projects within the Project of the German  Organization for Technical Cooperation (GIZ).

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